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While anyone can create crafted items or perform in the arts, few have access to the secrets of imbuing true power into their abilities. Only Scions with the Artistry purview may craft relics and magic items; all others are restricted to the mundane.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon is an instinctive generator, able to channel her own energy into her attempts to create. She may add her total number of Artistry Boons as dice to any Art roll.

Cost: 2 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Art (appropriate)
The Scion with this Boon is a master of engineering, so skilled that he instinctively knows all the shortcuts and efficiencies that make a project go more smoothly. Due to his incredible ingenuity, he may create any non-Legendary item in the space of a single scene provided he already has the plans to do so, no matter how long it might take a less talented builder. He may spend this Boon’s cost to complete any creative project, provided that it is no smaller than visible to the naked eye and no larger than a small cottage; items of greater or smaller size require more careful craftsmanship than this Boon can provide.

Cost: None Dice
Pool: None
While all Scions are capable of superhuman artistry, the Scion with this Boon has an instinctive mastery of creation that surpasses anything her rivals might be capable of. Instead of the usual narrow specializations of the Art ability, the Scion now need purchase Art only in the following categories:
Art l Disciplines
Architecture-> Buildings, blueprints
Culinary -> Food, drink, perfumes
Engineering -> Machinery, engines, mechanics
Metalsmithing -> Smelting, jewelry, casting
Modern Electronics -> plastics, theoretical science
Performance -> Art Dance, music, oratory, writing
Stonework -> Masonry, sculpting, brickwork
Textiles -> Weaving, sewing, clothing
Visual Art -> Painting, drawing, photography
Woodwork -> Carpentry, carving

Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Perception + Art (appropriate)
By studying the handiwork of another artist or craftsman, the Scion with this Boon may learn the ins and outs of her rival’s style and capabilities, reading their secrets through the revelations of their work. If she overcomes her target’s automatic Dexterity + Academics resistance roll, she may deduce the item’s creator’s most skilled Art (if more than one are tied, she learns all of them), level of Epic Intelligence (for an object) or Epic Charisma (for a piece of artwork), and the time and materials that were required to create the item she is studying.

Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon knows that no matter how talented the craftsman or brilliant the performer, man-hours will have to be dedicated to any project. As long as she is working on a project or performing an artistic piece, either in planning or building phase, she suffers from no fatigue penalties and requires no sustenance or sleep, enabling her to continue laboring over her inventions for as long as it takes or to act in a forty-eight-hour marathon kabuki play without breaking a sweat. At the end of her labors, all the fatigue
penalties she would have suffered during the time she was engaged in her creative pursuits strike at once, often resulting in Scions suddenly dropping unconscious of exhaustion as soon as they finish their most ambitious projects. If the Scion spends Legend on anything else while working or chooses to do anything other than work on her art, she immediately loses the benefits of this Boon and the fatigue penalties are immediately applied.

Cost: 2 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon is never without the tools he needs for the task at hand; whatever he finds nearby can be repurposed to fit his needs. By spending the requisite cost and smashing the surface beneath his feet, he can quickly cannibalize the resulting pieces and debris into workable tools for his current project; anything from hammers to screwdrivers to tweezers can be reconstructed from the rubble quickly and easily. He may create all normal, uncomplicated tools he needs for a single project with one use of this Boon, but he may not create anything that requires a power source or has minute or complicated moving parts (he can cobble together a screwdriver, but he can’t make a power drill). The makeshift tools are nigh-indestructible and hold together for the remainder of the scene, after which point the Scion’s strength of will is no longer enough to prevent them from falling apart. A Scion must be currently involved in a creative project that requires these tools in order to create them; he cannot use this Boon to create tools for other people or purposes.

Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Art (Culinary)
The most magical and delicious foodstuffs of the divine world are made by Scions with this Boon, which allows them to harness the energies of their fallen foes or even fellows into hale and hearty fare. By using the blood or body parts of a divine or Titanic being (plant or animal, but it must have been a living thing), the Scion may use the culinary arts to transform the raw materials into food or drink that enhances the abilities of those who partake of it. If he succeeds in rolling at least as many successes as the creature’s Legend rating as if it were an Epic Attribute on this Boon’s activation roll, he may grant the magical sustenance to up to as many people as he has Artistry Boons, preparing small portions on up to giant feasts, and all those who consume his carefully-brewed tea or expertly-braised steaks gain the creature’s Legend rating as dice to two Abilities for the next month, chosen by the Storyteller as appropriate to the source of the food. The magically-created food is expertly made but spoils rapidly, and is only edible for one day after the Scion completes it.

Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Politics
Few things annoy a craftsman like a rival competitor, but the Scion with this Boon can hamstring her opposite number, rendering him an inept blunderer and clearing the playing field for her own inventions and creations. By publicly insulting her target’s creative abilities and overcoming his resistance roll, she may levy a dice penalty equal to her total number of Artistry Boons on all rolls he makes to design, build or modify anything. Her target’s newfound clumsiness and confusion last for a number of days equal to her threshold successes, after which point he may once again compete with her without a handicap.

Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon is so ingenious that she may find ways to swap out materials if she finds herself short, making do on a shoestring budget or with only the objects she can find to hand. While working on a project, she may spend the requisite cost to substitute up to a third of a necessary component with a similar other component (i.e., if she had only ten feet of copper wire, she could use a jump-rope to fill out the other three feet) without any loss of functionality. The object replacing a material must be similar in shape and size and must be incorporated into the Scion’s design exactly as if it were the original material required, and the Scion must always have at least two-thirds of the correct material before attempting to jury-rig the remainder with this power. If several components of the Scion’s design are lacking, she may use this power on as many of them as she wishes to pay for. The substituted material remains functional and a permanent part of the Scion’s creation once completed, and the Scion may even make substitutions for magical items with this Boon if she so chooses (i.e., replacing a phoenix feather with a pigeon’s). The Scion may only use this Boon to substitute materials while building a creative project, and cannot use it to increase the amounts of substances or materials he is not using for such a project.

Cost: 4 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Art (Performance)
The Scion with this power may extend his incredible artistry over the subconscious minds of those around him, putting them to sleep as if drugged. By singing or playing an instrument, giving a speech, telling a story or some other kind of performance art for a 10-tick action, he may cause everyone listening to or watching him to drift quietly off to sleep; the Scion may not choose his targets specifically, but rather affects all those near him. They may resist him with a Stamina + Fortitude roll, but if they fail find themselves becoming drowsy within five ticks and succumb completely to unconsciousness within ten. They remain asleep for a number of hours equal to his total number of Artistry Boons unless they are physically hurt, at which point they immediately wake, disoriented, and are immune to this Boon being used on them again for the remainder of the day.

Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Stamina + Art (Performance)
Performances are usually fleeting things, a few moments of sublime excellence that last only a few minutes or hours, but the Scion with this Boon may preserve her performances long after the time that most would have forgotten them, causing audience after audience to experience her skill anew. By paying this Boon’s activation cost at the time of a performance, the Scion may cause it to become “suspended” at the location that it occurs, thereafter occurring again at the same time each day for anyone to see. She need not be present herself, as anyone present at the designated time will see the performance and all its original performers and features exactly as if they were there, before they vanish, dreamlike, at the end of the show. The Scion’s performance repeats itself for a number of days equal to her successes unless another artistic event attempts to take its place during the time it would normally appear; if the new event garners more successes on a Charisma + Art (Performance) roll than the Scion originally did, it proceeds unmolested that day, but if it is substandard the Scion’s performance overrides it and happens instead, regardless of what the rival show attempts to do. If another performer uses this Boon and gets more successes on its activation roll than the Scion, he may cut her run short and substitute his own long-running art venue.

Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
The Scion with this Boon is not only a master of creativity and creation; he is so attuned to the interplay of moving parts and complex designs that he may influence and manipulate living beings as if they were his beloved automatons or actors in his plays, giving them exactly the fuel they need to complete specific goals or projects. By giving a speech of at least ten minutes in length, extolling one of the creative Virtues of Endurance, Expression or Intellect, he may cause that Virtue to manifest itself in listeners within earshot equal to his successes, causing his targets to gain two dots (or, if he possesses the Virtue himself, the same rating that he has) of the Virtue for a number of days equal to his total number of Artistry Boons. During that time, the targets are affected by and able to channel the Virtue the same as any other, and once that time is up it dissipates completely. This Boon’s effects may only affect a given target once; if it is used again, whichever use of the Boon had the higher roll takes effect.

Cost: None Dice Pool: None The Scion with this Boon is simply speedier with her hands than most, able to deftly complete tasks that might take others twice as long. Whenever she makes an extended Art roll in an attempt to create something, she may pay double the normal Legend cost to double her successes on individual rolls within it. This does not double the cost of any resources she might spend to apply Virtue channels or Legendary Deeds to her rolls.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon transcends the normal lines between different crafts and specialties; to her, all creation is one, all creative spirit from the same source, and she understands the intricacies of the sciences, the complications of the physical crafts and the ephemeral nature of the performance arts as simple, interconnected facets of the same cosmic creative force. She gains a number of permanent dots of Art equal to her total number of Artistry Boons, in any specializations she wishes, and continues to gain new dots whenever she gains a new Boon in the purview.

Cost: Varies (see below)
Dice Pool: Wits + Command
The Scion with this Boon is the eternal mistress of the items she has created, commanding their loyalty no matter how long it has been or who has wielded them in the meantime. Whenever she wishes, she may spend a point of Legend to cause any item or machine she has personally crafted to appear, summoned out of the hands of whoever held it in order to aid her instead. If she calls upon an item she created that has been made into someone else’s Birthright, she must pay five points of Legend and one point of Willpower (if she calls the item from a different plane – i.e., calling an item from the World to an Overworld – both costs are doubled) and overcome its current owner’s Charisma + Occult roll, but once she has done so she may use it as if it were her own Birthright for the remainder of the scene, as it instinctively recognizes its creator. If she wishes to keep using it after the scene in which she uses this Boon, she must use this Boon again in order to do so, or roll against its rating each time as normal. Short of destroying the object, there is no way to prevent the Scion from calling on it if she so chooses; its first loyalty is always to the one who created it.

Cost: 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
By giving up his handiwork to become the tool of Fate, the Scion may create items more quickly and freely than ever before, assisted by the hands of destiny itself. Whenever he wishes, he may decide that the item he is creating is not of his own design but Fate’s, destined to play an important role in future events. If he does so and pays this Boon’s cost, the successes required to both plan and create it are cut in half, demonstrating that the great web of Fate itself wishes him to finish his creation with all due haste.
However, there is a hefty tradeoff for such ease of creation; the new object is destined to play an important role in someone’s Fate in the future, determined by the roll of a single die, and automatically gains an extra relic dot beyond the Scion’s design (whose effects are determined by the Storyteller, appropriate to its new owner) and maximum-level Fatebond to the person to whose destiny it is now irrevocably linked. The Scion has no control over what the item’s eventual Fate must be, nor any knowledge of it.

Die Roll l Object's Destined Owner
9-10 The Scion
7-8 Someone in the Scion's band
5-6 A friend or pantheon member of the Scion's
3-4 An enemy or hostile party of the Scion's
2 The Scion's current nemesis
1 A new nemesis who now opposes the Scion

If the roll is a 5 or higher, the Scion may choose to personally gift the item to its new owner, although if he delays doing so for more than a month, Fate will simply ensure that it arrives at its destination without his help. If he rolls a 4 or lower, the item instantly vanishes upon completion, reappearing with the one who now wields it.
While the ability to create artwork or machines with incredible ease makes this Boon’s use a great temptation, the creative among the gods still use it sparingly and with great caution. All too often, Fate’s design is cruel at the worst moment, and a sword created thus might turn out to be Mistletoe, or a statue might be destined to become unfortunate Pandora.

FORGERY OOOOO O Cost: Varies (see below) Dice Pool: Manipulation + Larceny For some Scions, it isn’t necessary to truly understand the inner workings or design of an item to recreate it. By spending two points of Legend per relic dot of an item (to a minimum of two for mundane objects) while touching or holding an object, a Scion may instantly duplicate it into a second one, creating perfect copies and flawless forgeries simply by copying whatever he sees. He must be able to gain a number of successes equal to ten times the number of relic dots the original item possesses; if he does so, the newlycreated duplicate is a perfect copy, but if he falls short the copy will be flawed, as detailed below (all relic results are rounded down):

Difference in Successes l Mundane Results l Relic Results
0-10 l Item appears perfect but functions poorly l Relic has 1/2 bonuses or capabilites and its powers cost double
10-20 l Item appears damaged and functions poorly l Relic has 1/3 bonuses or capabilities and its powers cost triple
20-30 l Item bears only vague resemblance to original and does not function at all l
Relic has 1/4 bonuses or capabilities and its powers cost four times their usual price
31+ l Item is unrecognizable and useless l Relic has 1/10 bonuses or capabilities and its powers cost ten times their usual price

For example, a Scion might decide to duplicate a famous painting, intent on selling it as the original and making millions of dollars off the forged copy before disappearing with his ill-gotten gain. He spends two points of Legend and gets ten successes on his roll, creating a perfect copy of the Mona Lisa. He hands it off to a dealer and gets out of town before it can expire at the end of the month. On the other hand, a Scion might decide to create a forgery of his bandmate’s seven-dot relic sword, which allows her to channel the Fire purview, shoot blasts of flame at her enemies for sixteen yards in every direction for 3 Legend per attack and add her Legend as dice to all Survival rolls. He must spend fourteen dots of Legend for such an undertaking, and needs 70 successes to succeed, but only manages to roll 55. The resulting forged sword is rusty, pitted, pockmarked and obviously not in great condition, costs 9 Legend per attack to shoot fire for only five yards in any direction, and only grants a third of his Legend rating to Survival rolls.
The new-forged copy is not tied to anyone as a Birthright if it is a relic, and anyone with Epic Perception dots at least equal to the Scion’s level of Artistry is able to identify it as a forgery on sight. The Scion may only duplicate crafted items in this way; he cannot recreate living things or naturally-occurring objects, and he also cannot create forgeries of star-level relics, which are too awesome and complex for mere copycatting. The forged item is still not a true creation, despite its convincing appearance, and degrades and becomes unusable after a number of days equal to the Scion’s total number of Artistry Boons, crumbling to useless dust.

Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The artistic prowess of the Scion with this Boon is so moving that she can affect those who view her creations as if her own formidable personality were at work. Whenever she creates a permanent work of art (a sculpture, jewelry piece, painting or anything else that is not functional and exists purely to be appreciated), she may pay this Boon’s cost and choose any one of the BFF, Calm the Savage, Center of Attention, Instant Seminar, Lasting Impression or Total Recall Knacks that she possesses, paying its cost as well. When she does, she imbues the artwork with that Knack’s powers, causing it to automatically affect all who behold it as if she had used the Knack on them herself. Those who see her majestic artwork may still roll to resist its effects, against a difficulty equal to her relevant Art rating as if it were an Epic Attribute, but if they fail find themselves entranced by the Scion’s artistic mastery. This power works on a given target only the first time they see the Scion’s creation, and adding it to a piece of art adds an additional difficulty of 100 to the roll to create it.

Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Perception + Investigation
No matter how perfectly crafted or expertly defended, even masterpieces are sometimes destroyed by disaster or enemies. The Scion with this Boon can’t necessarily prevent her works from being annihilated by truly determined foes or dangerous phenomena, but she does have the ability to salvage what remains afterward, even if her creations have been utterly decimated. Whenever something she created is destroyed, she may salvage two percent of its substance or materials per success from whatever rubble remains, gathering chunks and scraps or even microscopic motes. As long as some substance remains, even melted in lava or dispersed as dust in the air, it responds to its original creator’s call, drawing back together and solidifying in her hands. The recollected substance may be used to rebuild it at a later date; if the Scion uses at least half the same materials when she rebuilds the object, she gains ten additional successes to every roll she makes to create it. If she succeeds in reclaiming the full one hundred percent of the item’s materials, it automatically reforms and is restored as if it were never destroyed.The Scion may only recover materials up to a number of days after destruction equal to her total number of Artistry Boons; after that point, the item has been too long destroyed and its component parts too scattered to regain.

Cost: 1 Willpower dot per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon may use his incredible artistic talent to inspire lesser artists, pushing them to a greatness they could never have achieved on their own. By spending a Willpower dot and investing his trust in any person of Legend rating 4 or lower, he may act as their muse, giving them access to one of his Arts as if it were their own. The person thus inspired may roll his entire Art pool, regardless of whether or not they would normally be high enough Legend to do so, and while they have access to it the Scion himself is unable to use it, having given all his artistic skill away to another. However, the inspired artist’s new works and feats come from the wellspring of the Scion, and he regains one Willpower every day that his Art is inspiring another, one Virtue channel in Endurance, Expression or Intellect every week (if he does not have any of these Virtues, his entire Willpower pool refills), and one Legendary deed per month. He must have at
least six dots of an Art, representing superhuman mastery, in order to inspire someone with it this way, and must declare how long he wishes to give his Art away when he uses this Boon. At the end of that time period, his dots of Art and the permanent dot of Willpower he spent to use this Boon return; he may end the Boon’s effects early at any time if he wishes, but if he does so, the dot of Willpower is lost.

Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
For projects of truly impressive scope which the Scion cannot hope to complete on her own, she may call upon the power of this Boon to make herself a veritable army of workers to aid her, enhancing them with her own supernatural abilities when it comes to creation. By gathering her workers together, proclaiming the project and exhorting them to do their best to serve its interests, she inspires them to true greatness; when she spends the requisite cost, ten people (of Legend rating 8 or lower) for every success she garners immediately gain dots in all Arts equivalent to her own, which override any lesser levels of Art they might have previously possessed and which they are fully able to use for a number of days equal to her total number of Artistry. While her grand team of workers is marshaled behind her, the Scion’s planning difficulty for the current project is doubled and the difficulty for the building phase is multiplied by ten, but there is no minimum roll for the workers, who may contribute to the final product with every roll as long as they get even a single success. Though the workers are under no onus from this Boon to follow the Scion’s commands, they represent a formidable task force if she keeps them working toward her goal. This Boon only works if the Scion herself remains present and oversees the project personally; if she departs to focus on other things, her workforce finds itself no longer divinely inspired and ceases to be supernaturally effective.

Cost: 10 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
So accustomed is the Scion to the complicated inner workings of her machines and creations, and so attuned to the awesome music that the universe itself makes as it moves, that she can apply that knowledge to the natural world around her, seeing the movement of the great cogs, instruments and switches of the universe and even of Fate itself. By taking in the vastness of the cosmic machine around her and meditating on its ineffable grandeur, the Scion can accurately predict the future in short bursts, following the motion of the great symphony of Fate to its logical conclusion. When the Scion spends the requisite cost, she may take any one action; after doing so, if the results are not to her taste, she may choose to instead take another action to represent her ability to see the consequences ahead of time through her heightened awareness. She may not take the same action again, but she is free to pay the cost again if she wishes to see the consequences of her second action ahead of time as well. The Scion always sees the immediate results of her action, but may, at the Storyteller’s discretion, be afforded a
glimpse into its long-term effects as well. She must choose whether to accept her action or rewind it on the same tick, and cannot wait to see what others might do in the meantime.

Cost: 2 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
Anything created can be uncreated, and none are more suited to do so than the Scion who built them in the first place. Whenever he chooses, he may decide to uncreate anything he himself fashioned by touching it and concentrating his will on it, ordering it to fall to nothingness once again. When he does so and pays this Boon’s cost, it immediately crumbles and is destroyed, leaving behind nothing but dust and air where once a masterpiece existed. If he successfully uncreates an item, he immediately regains an amount of Legend as the energies of his creation return home to their origin; if the relic was one to five dots, he regains triple its rating in Legend, and if it was six to ten, he regains five times its rating. Star-level relics cannot be uncreated, since they have become forces of Legend in their own right, and he also cannot uncreate a relic that has been bound to someone else as a Birthright (although he may prevail upon a mage to attempt to unbind it from them first). Once an object has been destroyed in this way, it cannot be restored, even by the Reclamation Boon.

Cost: 10 Legend, 2 Willpower and 1 lethal damage per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy
The Scion with this Boon blurs the line between creator and god, turning cold stone, lifeless machinery and unliving art into breathing, conscious creatures. He may give life to any creation of his own, no matter what size or level of complication, by spilling his own blood and incorporating it into the object as a permanent divine power. Once he has done so, the formerly inanimate and inert object comes to life, becoming permanently possessed of consciousness and free will, able to think and act within the confines of its design. It possesses Intelligence and Epic Intelligence equal to its relic rating (if it is not a relic, it has a single dot of Intelligence) as well as five dots in whatever abilities the Storyteller deems appropriate, and may communicate if equipped with appropriate hardware or design (a speaker, a mouth, the ability to beep Morse code or anything else) as well as gaining the ability to speak telepathically to its creator. While the object is alive, it does not gain the ability to travel; it can move if its design allows (for example, a statue might move its arms and speak, or a computer might move its mouse to perform operations), but it cannot go anywhere. Once the Scion has breathed life into his creation, it is permanently alive unless it is physically destroyed.

Cost: 15 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Art (appropriate)
All the powers of creation reside within the Scion with this Boon, who may now call up new works of art and complex mechanical items full-formed from the empty void.
Whenever he chooses to create something and successfully completes his planning phase, he may pay this Boon’s cost to create it from nothing, needing no materials and spending no time on actually crafting it. He must get a number of successes on his activation roll equivalent to those he would need if he were actually physically building the item and cannot create any relic of more than five dots, but once he has done so, he molds it from literal nothingness, calling it into being through sheer force of will. Objects created thusly are as solid, enduring and real as if they had been made normally, despite their aweinspiring origins.

Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: None
The Scion becomes the Creator, an unstoppable, unflagging being of pure creative energy; nothing cannot be made by the Creator, nor can anything refuse to be turned toward her creative purpose
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Messages : 35
Date d'inscription : 10/12/2015

MessageSujet: Re: Domaine : Création   Lun 22 Fév - 14:37

[Les textes entre crochets sont des notes du traducteur. Qui parle de lui-même à la troisième personne, c'plus cool.]
Sur les groupements, les "approprié" signifient qu'il faut avoir la spécialisation en Art pour l'utilisation spécifique de ce pouvoir.

Intro :
Là où tout le monde peut créer des objets artisanaux ou réaliser des performances artistiques, peu ont accès aux secrets d’insuffler leur pouvoir dans ces capacités. Seuls les Scions avec le domaine Création [Artistry a une connotation artistique] peuvent fabriquer des reliques et objets magiques ; les autres doivent se contenter d'objets simplistes.

1/ Rudiments

Coût : Aucun
Groupement : Aucun
Le Scion avec ce Pouvoir peut utiliser sa propre énergie lors de la création d'objets. Il peut ajouter son total de Pouvoirs de Création comme dés supplémentaires pour tout jet d'Art.
[Au cas où la trad aurait pas été claire : tu fais le total de tes pouvoirs de Créa et ça te donne un nombre de dés bonus]

1/ Travail Intelligent

Coût : 2 Légende et 1 Volonté par utilisation
Groupement : Astuce + Art (approprié)
Le Scion avec ce pouvoir est un génie, si compétent qu'il va instinctivement connaître tous les raccourcis et astuces pour mener à bien son projet plus efficacement. Grâce à cette incroyable maîtrise, il peut créer n'importe quel objet non légendaire en une seule scène, si tant est qu'il ait déjà les plans pour accomplir son objectif, peu importe le temps qu'il aurait fallu à un constructeur moins talentueux.Il peut utiliser le coût de ce Pouvoir pour finaliser tout projet créatif, pour peu qu'il ne soit pas si petit qu'il en devient invisible à l’œil nu et si plus grand qu'un chalet. Les objets plus petits ou plus grands demande une capacité plus importante que ce permet ce Pouvoir.

2/ Génie universel

Coût : Aucun
Groupement : Aucun
User de ses pouvoirs pour créer de façon surhumaine un objet est accessible à tous Scions, mais un Scion avec ce Pouvoir a une maîtrise instinctive de la fabrication qui surpasse tout ce dont sont capables ses rivaux. Au lieu de devoir se spécialiser dans la capacité Art, le Scion a accès aux catégories suivantes :
[list]Art -> Discipline
Architecture -> Construction, plans
Cuisine -> Nourriture, boisson, parfums
Ingénierie -> Machinerie, moteurs, mécanismes
Forge -> Fonte [du metal], joaillerie, moulure
Electronique moderne -> Pastiques [???], science théorique
Performance -> Danse, musique, discours, écriture
Travail de la pierre -> Maçonnerie, sculpture, construction [briques]
Textiles -> Tissage, couture, vêtements
Art visuel -> Peinture, dessin, photography [Chloe ♥]
Menuiserie -> Charpenterie, gravure

2/ Signature de la Concurrence

Coût : 1 Légende par utilisation
Groupement : Perception + Art (approprié)
En étudiant le travail d'un autre artiste et les secrets de ses oeuvres, le Scion possédant ce Pouvoir peut comprendre comment fonctionnent son style et ses capacités. S'il dépasse le jet d'opposition en Dextérité + Connaissances académiques de la cible, le Scion peut déduire l'Art dans lequel le créateur de l'objet est le plus versé (si plus d'un art sont au même niveau, le Scion les déduit tous), son niveau d'Intelligence Épique (pour un objet) ou Charisme Épique (pour une oeuvre d'art), and le temps et les matériaux requis pour créer l'objet qu'il étudie.

2/ Travail Acharné

Coût : 1 Légende par utilisation
Groupement : Aucun
Le Scion sait que quelque soit le talent d'un artiste ou la compétence d'un constructeur, tout projet demande du temps. Lorsqu'il travaille sur un projet ou réalise une oeuvre, que ce soit dans la partie planification ou fabrication, il ne ressent pas les pénalités de la fatigue et n'a besoin ni de nourriture ni de sommeil, lui permettant de continuer de travailler le temps nécessaire pour réaliser son projet, sans perdre une goutte de sueur. Lorsque son travail est finalisé, toutes les pénalités de fatigue qu'il aurait dû subir pendant ce laps de temps prennent effet instantanément, ce qui plonge souvent le Scion dans l'inconscience à cause de l'épuisement si son projet était trop ambitieux. Si le Scion dépense de la Légende sur quoi que ce soit d'autre pendant son travail ou choisit de faire quoi que ce soit qui l'éloigne de son oeuvre, il perd aussitôt les bénéfices accordés par ce Pouvoir et les pénalités de fatigue s'appliquent aussitôt.

3/ Recyclage

Coût : 2 Légende et 1 Volonté par utilisation
Groupement : Aucun
Le Scion ayant ce Pouvoir n'est jamais sans les outils nécessaires à la réalisation de sa tâche. Tout ce qui se trouve à portée de lui peut être détourné pour servir à son art. En dépensant les points requis et en brisant le sol à ses pieds, il peut facilement recycler les débris pour en faire des outils appropriés à son projet. Tout, du marteau au tournevis en passant par les tenailles peut être façonné depuis les débris rapidement et facilement. Il peut créer tout outil ordinaire dont il a besoin pour un projet spécifique avec une seule utilisation de ce Pouvoir, mais il ne peut pas créer d'outils demandant une source d'énergie ou trop complexes (de par la petitesse de ses pièces ou la complexité de ses mécanismes ; un tournevis est possible, pas une perceuse). Les outils sont presque indestructibles et resteront intacts pour la durée de la scène, après laquelle la volonté du Scion n'est plus suffisante pour maintenir la structure des objets qui tombent en miettes. Un Scion doit être lancé dans un projet créatif qui nécessite ces outils pour pouvoir les créer ; il ne peut pas utiliser ce Pouvoir pour d'autres personnes.

3/ Nectar et Ambroisie

Coût : 3 Légende et 1 Volonté par utilisation
Groupement : Astuce + Art (Culinaire)
Les mets les plus magiques et délicieux du monde divin sont préparés par les possesseurs de ce Pouvoir, ce qui leur permet de maîtriser l'énergie de leurs adversaires vaincus et de leurs compagnons via l'alcool ou la nourriture. En utilisant le sang ou des morceaux de chair d'un être divin ou d'un Titan (plante ou animal, mais il faut que ce soit un être vivant), le Scion peut utiliser les arts culinaires pour transformer les denrées en une nourriture ou une boisson qui augmente les capacités de ceux qui la consomment. S'il réussit à rouler au moins autant de succès que la Légende de la créature, il peut produire assez de nourriture pour autant de personnes qu'il a de Pouvoirs de Création. Cela peut aller de petites portions à des festins géants, et tous ceux qui consomment cette préparation récupèrent la Légende de la créature comme dés supplémentaires pour deux Habiletés durant le mois suivant (les Habiletés sont choisies par le MJ suivant la source de nourriture). La nourriture créée magiquement est faite avec expertise mais pourrit rapidement et n'est consommable que jusqu'au lendemain de sa préparation.

4/ Malédiction de l'Inaptitude

Coût : 3 Légende par utilisation
Groupement : Manipulation + Politique
Peu de choses contrarient autant un artiste qu'un rival, mais le Scion possédant ce Pouvoir peut transformer son adversaire en un gaffeur maladroit et faire prévaloir ses propres créations. En insultant publiquement les capacités créatrices de sa cible et en dépassant son jet de résistance, il peut imposer un nombre de dés de pénalités équivalent à son total de Pouvoirs de Création sur tous les jets liés à la conception, fabrication ou modification de quelque chose. La maladresse et la confusion nouvellement acquises de sa cible dure autant de jours qu'il a eut de succès, après quoi leur compétition pourra reprendre.

4/ Bricolage Improvisé

Coût : 3 Légende et 1 Volonté par utilisation
Groupement : Aucun
Le Scion possédant ce Pouvoir est si ingénieux qu'il peut trouver le moyen de substituer les matériaux dont il manque, parvenant à remplir son objectif avec de faibles moyens ou avec ce qui lui tombe sous la main. Lorsqu'il travaille à un projet, il peut dépenser les points nécessaires pour remplacer jusqu'à un maximum du tiers des ressources nécessaires (par exemple, s'il a 10 mètres de fil de cuivre, il peut utiliser une corde à sauter pour obtenir 3 mètres supplémentaires) sans perdre la moindre qualité au produit fini. L'objet qu'il substitue doit être similaire en taille et en forme, et doit être intégré dans les plans du Scion exactement comme remplacement de la ressource manquante. Le Scion doit avoir au moins les 2/3 de la ressource d'origine nécessaire pour tenter d'improviser ce bricolage. S'il manque plusieurs composants, il peut utiliser ce Pouvoir autant de fois que nécessaire en dépensant les points requis. Les ressources utilisées comme remplacement sont fonctionnelles et prennent parfaitement part à la création du Scion lorsque son projet est finalisé et il peut même remplacer des objets magiques avec ce Pouvoir (par exemple, remplacer une plume de phénix par une plume de pigeon [Classe !]). Le Scion ne peut utiliser ce Pouvoir que pour concevoir un projet artistique, et ne peut pas l'utiliser pour augmenter la quantité d'une ressource ou d'un matériau hors d'une création.

4/ Berceuse

Coût : 4 Légende par utilisation
Groupement : Manipulation + Art (Performance)
Le Scion avec ce Pouvoir peut étendre son incroyable sens artistique jusqu'au subconscient des personnes autour de lui, les plongeant dans le sommeil comme s'ils étaient drogués. En chantant ou en jouant d'un instrument, en déclamant un discours, en contant une histoire ou toute autre forme de performance artistique qui dure pendant 10 tours d'action [10-tick action?] il peut plonger tous ceux qui l'écoutent ou le regardent dans le sommeil ; le Scion ne peut pas choisir ses cibles, il affecte tous ceux autour de lui. Les victimes peuvent résister sur un jet Endurance + Fortitude, mais s'ils échouent, ils ressentent les effets de la fatigue au bout de 5 tours [5 ticks] et succombent complètement à l'inconscience au bout de 10 tours. Ils restent endormis pendant une durée en heures équivalente au nombre de Pouvoirs de Création que possède le Scion, à moins qu'ils ne soient physiquement blessés, ce qui les réveillera aussitôt, les laissant désorientés. Ils seront alors immunisés à ce Pouvoir pour le reste de la journée.
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